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Importance and Benefits of Youth Empowerment (Skills Acquisition)

Importance and Benefits Of Youth Empowerment (Skills Acquisition)

Empowerment has a lot of benefits to offer the society. Some of these include:
1. It makes for the transfer of skills and work ethics

2. It gives or adds meaning to life, especially as one is given a position of authority or as one commands respect.

3. It helps to reduce crime rate; when someone has a skill to trade, he misses the chances of engaging in anti-social behaviors.

4. It leads to self-employment and rapid industrialization.

5. It facilitates the process of nation-building and development.

6. One saves money to cater for urgent needs and family matters.

7. It enables one to consider vital tenets and societal values and committing oneself to worthwhile values.

Hindrances To Youth Empowerment
There are factors that contribute to hindering youth empowerment projects. These include the following.

Inconsistency in Government Programmes: lack of consistency in programme implementation can be a problem to youth empowerment.

Leaders with good and well thought out empowerment programmes for the youths need to ensure that

1. These ideas are put into practice to help the youths participate actively in the development process.

2. Corruptive Tendency: Instructor and personnel in the youth empowerment establishment often collude with the youths to embezzle the fund meant for the programme.


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